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» Bulletproof Coffee Review – For Weight Loss and Concentration
By Adam Sinicki | Published 08/29/2014 | Coffee Tea | Rating:
Putting butter in coffee appears to be the latest craze across the web and there are a huge number of fans who enthusiastically promote its benefits and recommend it to anyone who will listen...

» 'Social Snacking' – Facebook Users Update Their Status to Feel Less Lonely
By Juliette Siegfried | Published 01/21/2013 | Miscellaneous | Rating:
When friends – real, live friends, not "Facebook Friends" – told me about Facebook a few years ago and urged me to sign up, I asked them what it was like. Most of them talked about it in superlatives...

» Despite 'Healthier' Options, Fast Food Is Still High in Calories
By Laurel Avery | Published 12/2/2012 | Nutrition | Rating:
A trip to your local drive-through may present you with more options than you would have had a decade ago. Salads, oatmeal, fruit smoothies — at a glance it’s easy to think that fast food restaurants have upgraded their typical fries and burger fare...

» Why You May Want to Try a Gluten-Free Diet
By Laurel Avery | Published 11/8/2012 | Diets | Rating:
Gluten may be one of the more difficult foods to avoid, as it is such a ubiquitous part of the Western diet. When you think that gluten is found in most bread, pasta, bagels, breakfast cereal and baked goods...

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» How to Create a Muscle-Building Program That Plays to Your Specific Genetic Advantages
By Adam Sinicki | Published 02/20/2015 | Training | Unrated
If you have ever spent money on a training program or dedicated time and energy to creating one yourself or finding one online, only for it not to have the results you were looking for...

» What Is AMPk? A Key Metabolic Regulator Explained
By Adam Sinicki | Published 02/16/2015 | Miscellaneous | Unrated
AMPk is a molecule and is more technically known as AMP-activated protein kinase. In recent studies, this molecule has become something of a star player when looking at the processes behind weight loss...

» Why Nutrient-Dense Foods Might be the Secret to a Successful Weight Loss Diet
By Adam Sinicki | Published 01/30/2015 | Weight Loss | Unrated
Want to lose weight without starving yourself? Want to be able to eat as much as you want without getting fat?

» How and Why to Vary Your Tempo When Lifting Weights
By Adam Sinicki | Published 01/25/2015 | Strength Training | Unrated
If you're intending to build muscle through a weightlifting program, then it's important to consider not only which exercises you're using but also how you're using them...

» How Scientists Managed to Increase the Lifespans of Mice by 24%
By Dr. Janice Rachael Mae | Published 01/16/2015 | Medicine | Unrated
In theory this treatment could one day be available for humans too. It sounds too good to be true, almost the stuff of science fiction… so what's going on?

» How to Eat Healthily in an All Inclusive Hotel
By Adam Sinicki | Published 01/9/2015 | Nutrition | Unrated
Eating healthily on holiday can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. When you're constantly moving from place to place where you don't know any of the local eateries, and when you're trying to keep...

» Passive Exercise – Is There Any Way to Get Into Shape Without Effort?
By Adam Sinicki | Published 01/9/2015 | Exercising | Rating:
Everyone wants to lose weight and build muscle and from time-to-time we all wish we could look a little more like the people plastered on billboards rather than the people who look back at us from the mirror...

» Management Tips for Living With an Overactive Bladder
By Dr. Janice Rachael Mae | Published 01/9/2015 | Bladder | Rating:
Living with an overactive or weak bladder can leave you constantly concerned that you might have a leak or that you will struggle to find the bathroom in time...

» How to Jump Higher With Technique and Training
By Adam Sinicki | Published 01/9/2015 | Exercising | Unrated
Being able to jump higher is highly useful for a range of sports and athletic activities and is also just a great physical ability that's fun to pursue. And you never know when it might come in handy…

» Isometric Training for Incredible Strength
By Adam Sinicki | Published 01/8/2015 | Strength Training | Unrated
If you're looking for a way to increase your muscle strength as much as possible, then isometric training might be the missing piece of your training puzzle...

» The Best Supplements for Runners
By Adam Sinicki | Published 01/8/2015 | Running | Unrated
When it comes to supplements and athletics, most big companies tend to target mainly bodybuilders and those aiming to gain muscle or burn fat...

» How to Sweat Less During a Workout
By Adam Sinicki | Published 01/8/2015 | Training | Unrated
There are many different excuses that people use in order to avoid working out, which range from the somewhat acceptable (injury) to the completely ridiculous...

» Does Cryotherapy Work?
By Holly Brewer | Published 01/8/2015 | Medicine | Unrated
Cryotherapy (Whole Body Cryotherapy), a health treatment from Japan, is effectively an ice bath taken to the absolute extreme...

» Should You Really Feed a Cold and Starve a Fever?
By Holly Brewer | Published 01/7/2015 | Cold | Unrated
When we feel under the weather, we're often reminded of the old adage that we should 'feed a cold' and 'starve a fever'...

» Why Everyone Should Take Creatine
By Adam Sinicki | Published 01/7/2015 | Supplements | Unrated
Creatine is a supplement that is used by many athletes and has been shown to be effective in increasing endurance, muscle mass and strength in countless studies...

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