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» Bulletproof Coffee Review – For Weight Loss and Concentration
By Adam Sinicki | Published 08/29/2014 | Coffee Tea | Rating:
Putting butter in coffee appears to be the latest craze across the web and there are a huge number of fans who enthusiastically promote its benefits and recommend it to anyone who will listen...

» 'Social Snacking' – Facebook Users Update Their Status to Feel Less Lonely
By Juliette Siegfried | Published 01/21/2013 | Miscellaneous | Rating:
When friends – real, live friends, not "Facebook Friends" – told me about Facebook a few years ago and urged me to sign up, I asked them what it was like. Most of them talked about it in superlatives...

» Despite 'Healthier' Options, Fast Food Is Still High in Calories
By Laurel Avery | Published 12/2/2012 | Nutrition | Rating:
A trip to your local drive-through may present you with more options than you would have had a decade ago. Salads, oatmeal, fruit smoothies — at a glance it’s easy to think that fast food restaurants have upgraded their typical fries and burger fare...

» Why You May Want to Try a Gluten-Free Diet
By Laurel Avery | Published 11/8/2012 | Diets | Rating:
Gluten may be one of the more difficult foods to avoid, as it is such a ubiquitous part of the Western diet. When you think that gluten is found in most bread, pasta, bagels, breakfast cereal and baked goods...

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» The Best Natural Blood Thinners
By George Cranston | Published Today | Medicine | Unrated
If you have high blood pressure, then you may be prescribed blood thinners by your doctor. These decrease the viscosity of the blood slightly...

» Health Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses
By Dr. Janice Rachael Mae | Published Today | Nutrition | Unrated
Blackstrap molasses is another contender when it comes to sugar replacements. Molasses are viscous liquid byproducts that come from the sugar extraction process...

» What Is Hydrogenated Oil?
By George Cranston | Published Today | Nutrition | Unrated
In recent times, health writers and researchers have done a 180 on fat. No longer is fat thought to be the harbinger of obesity and herald of heart disease...

» How to Alkalize Your Body
By George Cranston | Published Today | Diets | Rating:
You’re making sure to avoid unnecessary toxins, you’re steering clear of sugar wherever possible and you’ve lowered your calorie intake...

» Benefits of Black Mica
By George Cranston | Published Today | Minerals | Unrated
Black Mica is a mineral that appears black and shiny in appearance. It is found mainly in granite and other metamorphic rocks (for those who remember their geography) and is technically known as ‘biotite’...

» Benefits of Palm Sugar
By George Cranston | Published Today | Nutrition | Unrated
Palm sugar is also known as ‘coconut sugar’ and is often marketed as a healthy alternative to sugar or sweeteners. As you might have guessed from the name, it comes from palm trees...

» What Are the Health Benefits of Thyme Tea?
By Dr. Janice Rachael Mae | Published Today | Coffee Tea | Unrated
It’s tea time! Thyme tea time! About time for thyme tea time!

» Camu Camu – Health Benefits, Uses, Side Effects
By Dr. Janice Rachael Mae | Published Today | Medicinal Herbs | Unrated
Camu camu is a type of shrub that can be found in the swampy or flooded parts of the Amazon rain forests in Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Colombia...

» Post-Micturition Dribble – How to Stop Dribbling in Your Pants After Going to the Toilet
By Gary Wickman | Published Yesterday | Mens Health | Unrated
Post-micturition dribble is the technical term for something my friends and I used to call ‘splash-back’ (though in retrospect, this was clearly a misnomer)...

» Should You Consider a Life Coach If You're Stuck in a Rut?
By Adam Sinicki | Published 10/6/2015 | Self Improvement Motivation | Unrated
Sometimes, we all get the feeling that we aren’t making the progress we want to in life. Perhaps we don’t have the career we want, the relationship we want or the body we want...

» Benefits of 'Negative' Mental States
By Dr. Janice Rachael Mae | Published 10/6/2015 | Stress | Unrated
We have a tendency to think of our brain states as being either positive or negative. That is to say: being very happy is good but being angry is bad. Likewise, being inspired is good but being stressed is bad...

» How to Avoid Swamp Crotch
By Adam Sinicki | Published 10/6/2015 | Men Related | Unrated
Swamp crotch is a condition that’s about as unpleasant as it sounds (though fortunately does not involve alligators). Rather than being a technical medical term (you probably guessed this much)...

» What Is a Pregnancy Pillow?
By Dr. Janice Rachael Mae | Published 10/5/2015 | Pregnancy | Unrated
A pregnancy cushion is cushion/pillow that is designed for use by pregnant women. The general idea is that it can help pregnant women to feel more comfortable in bed...

» Do You Need a Personal Trainer?
By Adam Sinicki | Published 10/5/2015 | Training | Unrated
There are three kinds of people who can potentially benefit from a personal trainer...

» Little Things That Make You Feel Energized, Confident and Positive
By Adam Sinicki | Published 10/5/2015 | Fitness Wellness | Unrated
Remember what you feel like on a good day? Now imagine if you felt like that all the time… what could you accomplish?

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